How to Choose a Perfect Day…the Chinese Way?

A few friends of mine are having their weddings this month and later this year. When it comes to a super important event like this, people all want it to go perfectly on a perfect day. The Chinese way? We refer to the Chinese calendar and pick out an auspicious date.

What’s so special about Chinese calendar? What does a typical Chinese calendar look like?

As you can see, besides the dates, there are also words on both sides of the dates – they tell you what the day is good for and what to avoid on the day. The auspicious ratings are:

  • 宜 (): good for
  • 忌 (): bad for / to avoid
  • 吉 (): auspicious timing
  • 中 (zhòng): neutral timing
  • 凶 (xiōng): fierce/ bad timing

Speaking of weddings, here are also some basic terms that are usually used in a Chinese calendar:

There are also more complicated/fancy Chinese calendars which tell you not only what the day is good for but also what time of the day you should do certain things. Amazing? Oh yeah! Call it superstitious? Better believe than not!

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