Pop Star in Asia

It’s always exciting to see an Asian pop star on an American channel. There are many talented and amazing artists in Asia, and seeing them receive attention from the western world somehow makes me feel proud, haha! I found this video a while ago – the show Talk Asia on CNN.com. It’s an interview with the popstar and actor Leehom Wang, who made his big break in Taiwan back in 1995. In the video he shows his talent in both classic and pop music. One interesting thing about the interview is the part where he talks about growing up in the US to a family of doctors and his decision to take a different path to his parents. Although he’s made big waves with his Mandarin-language pop music, he actually didn’t speak Mandarin and didn’t know anything about Chinese music at the very beginning, and it was a big challenge for him. I actually saw him in person when he came to my school for a performance at this concert my school was holding a few years ago. His performance was just amazing! He’s no doubt one of the top stars in the Chinese showbiz.


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