Spring in My Mind…

Spring is my favorite season throughout the year when I was in Beijing. In my childhood memory, spring in Beijing means a brand new beginning of the year. After a long long winter, everywhere seems to regain its spirit. I remember when I was a kid, I used to insist on wearing a pink dress with flower patterns on it, and kept on spinning around from the same spot. I guess it was a little silly to do so…-_-but by then I thought it was such a cool thing to spin around under the sun without feeling dizzy (well, usually I did get dizzy after all…). When the day gets longer, friends and I would spend the entire afternoon in the school yard, collecting all kinds of flowers that dropped from the trees. One of the flowers I still can remember…it’s the shape of a caterpillar, didn’t have any smell though, but could be used as a “powerful weapon” to scare other kids who thought they were real caterpillars. =D

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