Health Care for Everyone?

When I first learned that there were so many health insurance providers with various insurance plans, I felt totally lost. Most people receive health insurance through school or work, and as insurance plans vary, coverage levels can be very different. Having a health insurance plan does not mean you can just visit any hospitals or clinics – it all depends on the plan you have. Some hospitals and clinics only accept health insurance plans from certain providers, and the insurance plan decides the benefits you receive at the hospital and clinic. Oh, and for some health insurance, medical insurance and dental insurance are two separate plans. I still remember how I used to only have a medical insurance plan back in school, and I had to pay, seriously, a crazy amount of money to get my teeth fixed. It really feels like hell if you have no health insurance and have to see a doctor. Otherwise, you just have to be absolutely sure that you won’t get sick.

In Taiwan, there is only this National Health Insurance, and the same coverage and benefits apply to everyone who is eligible to enroll. It includes medical care, dental care, and pharmacy. Basically speaking, it makes everything easier. People can visit almost any doctor they choose and feel safe about it. It also offers special aids and programs for low-income households or people with serious illness and disabilities.

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