Lesson 6 – How have you been? (你最近怎么样?)

Lesson’s Main Characters:

Julie Chen – Teacher, Chinese
Helen Li – Student, American

Conversation Situation:

Do Chinese people really say “Ni hao ma (你好吗?) to greet their friends? In this lesson, Julie and Helen use an alternative way to greet each other…

Conversation Dialogue:

Helen, 你 最近 怎么样?
Helen, nǐ zuìjìn zěnmeyàng?

我 很 忙.
wǒ hěn máng.

是吗? 为什么?
shìma? wèishénme?

因为 我的 新工作.
yīnwèi wǒde xīngōngzuò.

Vocabulary Words:

最近 (zuìjìn): recent/ recently/ these days
怎么样 (zěnmeyàng): how?/ how about?/ how was it? / how are things
很 (hěn): (adverb of degree)/quite/very
忙 (máng): busy
是吗 (shìma): really?
为什么 (wèishénme): why?/ for what reason?
因为 (yīnwèi): because/ owing to
我的 (wǒde): my/mine
新工作 (xīn gōngzuò): new job
新 (xīn): new
工作 (gōngzuò): job/ work

Grammar: 是吗?

是吗? is not a question here, but an expression of listener’s surprise on hearing something unexpected in a conversation.

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