The Hot Roasted Chestnuts

Well, I was extremely lucky to find someone who sells roasted chestnuts(糖炒栗子) in a van, in Toronto(It’s been years that I haven’t had a bag of roasted chestnuts.)  I actually smell the chestnuts immediately before I approached the van…the smell combines with those old time Hutong memories in Beijing, plus the sweet scents from the chestnut itself…I remember I used to wait in lines to get a bag of hot roasted chestnuts; usually during the winter, this would be the most appropriate time to eat the chestnuts since they were really hot, and can helped to keep your hands warm.

 Some certain historical article says that the technique of how to make this traditional snack still remains just like 800 years ago. When the next time you wander around any typical Chinese market, I bet you will see a sign with a title “糖炒栗子” (tang chao li zi) on it, there will be a person holding a shovel, and a huge black wok right in the front. If you really do see it, please don’t miss the opportunity to try the famous, hot, sweet, roasted chestnuts. It takes about 800 years to make the taste perfect. =)

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