Eat Healthy, Live Happy

What we eat reflects on our appearance and body image. I was talking with Ms. Hou the other day about a TV show in which the host travels to places where people have bad, ridiculous eating habits and teaches them how to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. In this episode the host visited an elementary school in a small town, and he was shocked to know that the school’s breakfast menu for them was frozen pizzas, French fires, and sodas. It was even more shocking that the kids didn’t seem to recognize any vegetables. All they knew and wanted to eat was fast/junk food. Almost every kid was over-weighed and many of them had health problems. When introduced to using fresh ingredients rather than frozen, canned or processed ones and cooking from scratch, the cafeteria staff complained that it would take much longer time in the morning for preparation and they felt reluctant to do so. This is very sad. The school should be taking care of these kids and keeping them healthy, but the school totally did the opposite. If the TV show had not come to help them change their diets, they would have been eating themselves to death.

Proper food habits contribute to a good health. In our culture, a healthy diet means enjoying a whole variety of different foods in order to obtain all the nutrition we need for well-being and vitality. It is important to balance grains with vegetables and meat/fish/soy protein. Rice is the common grain, and there are large quantities of vegetables, especially dark green vegetables that are high in fiber. It is essential for parents and schools to provide children and students balanced diets.

It is not easy to change the eating culture, but a few tips may help: opt for veggies and fruits, choose fish instead of meat, go for brown rice, and keep small portions – do not overeat!

Source: Aetna InteliHealth

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