It’s All About Parenting.

There is this Korean show on TV in which the guests who are from different countries share thoughts on various topics related to cultural differences. In this episode I was watching the other day they had a discussion on parenting in different cultures. I found it interesting when some of the guests were saying how surprised they were to know Korean parents would share a bed and sleep with infants while parents in the western society have infants sleep separately from them in another room. It is common among most Asian cultures, and I think that sort of explains why in Asian cultures children are usually more dependent on parents whereas in Western cultures children are more independent. For example, Asian children depend on parents particularly for finances until they finish education, and when they begin living on their own, they give certain portion of their monthly earning to their parents as a return. From what I see from most western people I know, children in western cultures usually start working part-time in their teens, and they earn and pay for their own college education and living expenses. Such difference reflects the ways of keeping the bond between parents and children. Asian parents are more involved in most aspects of their children’s lives – they put their children before everything and they prepare the path for their children to develop, achieve, and succeed. Western parents give more space for their children to spread their wings – they let their children be creative and let their abilities and talents show and develop by standing by and supporting them through difficulties.

In the show they also played a short video clip which portrayed different parenting styles between a Russian wife and her Korean mother-in-law. I was a little surprised to see that the wife totally freaked out when an old lady in the supermarket tried to touch her baby’s face because the lady thought the baby was very cute. The mother-in-law was quite embarrassed by her daughter-in-law’s reaction as the lady was just being nice. People do that sometimes, and parents feel flattered to know that people like their babies. The wife later told that in Russian culture people would never do that to other people’s babies. I guess it is probably considered intrusive and offensive as they value proper distance between people in social situations. Although many people may act the same as the lady in the supermarket in the same situation, If I had a baby, I probably would not want people to touch my baby either, simply because who knows what germs they might leave behind!

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