Can’t Live without A Car?

Every time I think of having to drive for almost two hours to commute back and forth to work every day, I already feel so tired and reluctant to do it. At first, it seems cool and fun to drive between two cities, but after a while you just start to feel the pain, and the torture continues. Especially during rush hours when the traffic is extremely bad, it is the worst. Not that I didn’t think of taking public transportation but it is almost impossible because it can waste relatively more time than driving to get to my destination. Of course there are public transportation systems. In big cities, public transportation is well-built and convenient, and people depend on it. Small cities or suburbs also have public transportation systems, but they are not really considered convenient – 30 minutes, or even an hour, a bus, and it may stop running after 7 pm or earlier. Not to mention that there are places where public transportation is totally unavailable.

It is not difficult to understand that in a country so big like the US public transportation may not be so convenient or available everywhere considering the geographic, weather, and other factors. So, most people have to have cars to go to school, go to work, do errands, hang out, travel, and more. The same situation happens in Asia as well, although most public transportation systems in Asia may be a little more well-developed and effective since much more people rely on them because of the large population and rapid urbanization. Unlike the US, you can see SCOOTERS, seriously, EVERYWHERE. People in most Asian countries reply heavily on scooters as they are less expensive and much easier for city driving and traveling over short distances. Most importantly, they are easy to park. Scooters are for almost everyone and they have become part of the lifestyle. So, next time when you get to travel in Asia, particularly in southern mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, be prepared!!

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2 Responses to “Can’t Live without A Car?”

  1. Si Si says:

    I’d rather walk or take the transportation …-_-or riding a bike~~oh, there’s a song about bikes in Beijing. “Nine Million Bicycles” by Katie Melua

    check it out =)

  2. Hui says:

    Really true!! Except Scooters, BIKE is also used widely in China.

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