Let the Tea Talk…

The beauty of Tea Culture is not only about slowing down the steps, but also about the people showing their respect to others while drinking. There are many “rules” during the tea in China. I have no ideas about those “hidden rules” at the beginning, but recently I paid key attention on those not too obvious gestures, so next time when I go back to China, I’ll have full confidence to have tea with others. =)

The very first basic gesture when someone pouring a cup of tea for you, it’s better to thank the person by knocking the table with three of your fingers three times, it represents your appreciation to the person. There’s also a folktale regarding to this rule. The version I’ve heard happened centuries ago, there was a wise King in China used to disguised himself as an ordinary person, he would spend some time during a year to live like a normal person, so that he can get a idea of those real problems his country might have at the time. Due to his royal identity, his servants had to show their extreme respect to him. However, they couldn’t really kneeling down or saying “His Majesty” aloud in front of the public. So they came up with an idea of “kneeling down” to His Majesty by knocking with three fingers three times to express their loyalty and respect to the King.

I was amazed about this folktale. Although there is no precise record about it, every time when I watch people practice this, I feel the trace of old traditional Chinese Culture that still exists, which really inspires me on discovering more about all kinds of “hidden rules” in Chinese Culture. =)

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