Craving for Authentic Chinese Food…

Sometimes we just miss homemade food. Chinese food can be found everywhere in the States, but it is the authenticity that makes the difference. We recently discovered a dumpling restaurant in our neighborhood where we could get not only dumplings with all kinds of stuffings but also many traditional Chinese dishes, such as green chives pancake (韭菜盒子), onion pancake (葱油饼), beef pancake (牛肉馅饼), marinated steamed bao (小笼灌汤包), raddish cake (罗卜丝饼), pot stickers (锅贴), bean paste crispy cake (豆沙酥饼), sweet or salty donuts (甜/咸蟹壳黄), and handmade noodles. Everything on their menu is made from scratch, and the food reminds us of our Moms’ dishes. It just feels very down home and welcoming.

Speaking of food, there is an old Chinese saying goes like this, “Food is the paramount necessity of the people (民以食为天).” It tells all about the importance of food and cooking in our culture. People need to eat, and how to “eat like a king” is what matters, especially on holidays and special occasions. By “eating like a king” I don’t really mean the portion of the food but, rather, the quality of the food. Fresh and healthy ingredients – things that helps nourish one’s body and that contributes to a healthy and long life – and the way foods are prepared are the key. Just like a Chinese King in ancient times would eat. We also “eat with our eyes and nose,” so in Chinese cooking, color, aroma, and flavor share equal significance in the preparation of each dish. The art of Chinese food is said to satisfy both the gustatory and visual senses!

Image Source: Chinese cuisine – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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