Lesson 3 – What do you do? (你做什么工作?)

Lesson’s Main Characters:

Julie Chen – Teacher, Chinese
Helen Li – Student, American

Conversation Situation:

Helen and Julie continue their conversation, asking about each other’s occupation …

Conversation Dialogue:

Julie, 你 做 什么 工作?
Julie, nǐ zuò shénme gōngzuò?

我 是 老师, 你呢?
wǒ shì lǎoshī, nǐne?

我 是 学生.
wǒ shì xuésheng.

Vocabulary Words:

做 (zuò): to do/to be
工作 (gōngzuò): job/work
老师 (lǎoshī): teacher
学生 (xuésheng): student
翻译 (fān​yì​): translator
医生 (yī​shēng​​): doctor
设计师 (shè​jì​shī​​​): designer

Grammar: 呢

When 呢 is used to form a question, there must be some context provided in a preceding sentence. The content of the question is clear from the context.

Form: Noun/pronoun +呢?
For example:
A: 你做什么工作?
B: 我是老师, 你呢?
(Speaker B asks speaker A back the same question- what do you do?)

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