What Do I love about Chinese New Year =)

Chinese New Year is the most special time during the year, all you have to think about is to enjoy the moment, when families and friends gather around, talk about the previous year, and of course, embarrassing each other with those old time stories…-_-

I’ve had a wonderful Chinese new year in Toronto. My husband’s best friend has just moved to here. Feels almost like a decade after few years we’ve met, and this is actually the first time we ever celebrated Chinese New Year together. =)!

We started to shop groceries for New Year’s Eve by noon. Our main dish for the most special day, of course, is going to be the Dumplings. Eric is the greatest cook ever! He prepared the dumpling with pork, leeks, and eggs. It took us almost half of the day to finish up making those dumplings. I will not going to make dumplings by myself for the next half year since it took too much time for the preparation; and I only enjoy the eating part after all =)~~

My grandma used to teach me how to make dumplings when I was little. She said the most important part of making dumpling is its appearance. You have to fold it carefully and make sure the stuffing is not going to leak while boiling it. She believes that various people will make dumplings in various looks. My dumplings are always flat, can’t really “stand” still. When the dumplings are ready, you will know which ones are my masterpieces -_-“.

Back to the topic…what do I really love about Chinese New Year…I would say is the atmosphere that surrounds me, makes me busy looking, I see their happy faces, waiting in line with tons of groceries in their shopping carts; the kids in traditional Chinese costumes; those green and red colors always catching my attention…on and on…the most important thing is that, I’m moved by my own culture. Though I can’t go back to Beijing for this important holiday, I can still connect my feeling with my hometown. Just like some famous writer in China has said, no matter where you are, as long as your heart thinks about your home, you are at home. =)

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